How Do I Find my Product Key for Microsoft Office 2010 on Windows 7?


It is crucial to saving your product keys for future uses because a product key is required whenever you want to install MS Office. A product is a unique number structured in a serial to guarantee the security of the program. Without it, you cannot permanently activate the office or access the program. 

Have you forgotten your product key? Don’t worry! There are ways to restore it. The article sums up different ways to recover MS Office Professional Plus 2010 product key

Ways to Restore your Product Key

1. Check the product Key in your email or the product box
If you have purchased a product key for your online, the product key will be mentioned in the confirmation email you would have received while signing up. 
Moreover, if you have bought the Office 2010 product key from a store, it will be mentioned on the envelope. It is generally located on CD/DVD back too.


2. Check the product key of Office 2010 in the Registry 
Usually, the product key is saved in the Windows registry. You can check it by pressing on Win+ R. A run box will show up. Now enter regedit and press OK. In the registry editor window, visit the “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office\Registration” to see what your product key is. 


3. Contact Microsoft Support Center 
If either of the above mentioned did not work for you. Contact Microsoft Support Office 2010. It will ask you to provide all the necessary details and get back to you soon. 


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