What Happened to Your Favorite Website - Kisscartoon?

KissCartoon is a popular website that has become a way for people to see their favorite cartoons on the internet with any subscription. It streams some amazing quality videos which make the users happy and satisfied. Due to this reason, it has become famous in a very short span of time. Like all other sites, this site also sometimes troubles the users as it went down often quickly. But two years later, this site was shut down forever which led to a major issue for the users. 

Below are the several reasons in which we will tell you why this site was shut down forever. And what happened to this site? Who is responsible for shutting down this website? Will it resume again? We have answered your questions in the article below. 


Why Was Kisscartoon Shut Down forever? 

In 2017, this site was shut down forever and no one knew why it suddenly stopped working. Many people thought it would come back but it did not and it was shut down completely. Then users switched to social media to get the answers to their questions about why this site is down for such a long time. They started finding their questions on social media and got to know that it will never come back as the copyrights act was against it. This particular site was caught by DMCA. When the users got to know about this, they were not at all happy as there were no other good sites for them where they could watch without good quality pop-ups. 

Kisscartoon website would always remain special among people’s hearts as it offered good quality videos that too without pop-up ads because it led to no disturbance while watching their shows as ads are redirected on the next tab. This site had several issues but due to its amazing quality videos and easy availability, it was prevalent among users. 
Then people asked for an alternative site. So many sites started publishing articles on various sites of KissCartoon. The internet was filled with their suggestion of other sites where they could watch free shows and in amazing quality. 

Many websites were launched that misused KissCartoon shutdown but every other site had its own issues related to quality and accessibility. After all this, an announcement was made in which they said KimCartoon would take over KissCartoon and this would offer cartoons with the best quality videos. Users were happy that they watched their shows again without any issue. 

Unfortunately, KimCartoon could not fulfill their expectations but it made its place on the public’s heart. It then became one of the top streaming sites which offered amazing shows with different varieties. But people were still confused as they did not know for how much time KimCartoon would work just like KissCartoon. These sites could shut down anytime. But you can enjoy all the videos streaming on this website.


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