Why Are 1337x Torrent Sites Blocked? How to Unblock the 1337x Torrent Website?

If you are pretty much addicted to movies, sports, and cartoons and also want to watch them for free, then you might definitely know about the torrent sites. 1337X Torrent websites provide their users the same facility and it is also quite familiar among the torrent users. So in this, you will be reading about the reason for the 1337x website being blocked and the possible ways to unblock it. 


Reasons the 1337x Site Gets Blocked:
Though Unblocked 1337X Proxy sites are possible, first we will need to know why these sites get blocked. 
First, we must know that all torrent sites including 1337x have pirated content on their website. Posting copyrighted content without prior permission from the respective authority person is violating the law in most countries.
Even fines and imprisonment of people can be imposed on individuals who violate these laws.


How to Unblock 1337x Movies?
Basically, 1337X Unblocked can be done with the following servers. 

1. Usage of VPN services:
To get a secure connection from one network to another network over the internet VPN is used. This will also hide the IP address of the people and hide the personal information of the user. 
1337X Proxy Unblock can be done with the VPN services like Express VPN, NordVPN and more options are available. 


2. Using tor browser:
Another good option to try while unblocking this website is using the tor browser. This can help users to watch 1337X Movies after unblocking from the tor browser. Using this will allow users to access the 1337x site very easily in a simple way. There will be huge files including proxies that are verified. 

There are many alternatives available but these two are effective in unblocking the 1337x websites. 
Latest movies, series, and many other contents can be downloaded using another option called 1337X Movies Downloader.


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